What is this?

Atlantis Installer is an installation wizard built to simplify installing PHP-GTK2 applications on multiple platforms as an alternate solution to using PEAR. This allows you to build your application with the structure you want and drop it nicely as one package.

However not limited to installing PHP-GTK2 applications, this installer does require that PHP and GTK2 libraries be installed. To use this for non PHP-GTK2 apps, the end user would have first install the Gnope package (Windows) or install PHP, GTK2, and the PHP module manually (Linux). This is something someone looking to run PHP-GTK2 apps has probably already done, and hopefully in the future Linux distributions will come prepared for PHP like most do with Perl and/or Python.

The standard setup of the installer works like this. Upon launch it greets the user, prompts them to click next. Then it asks for the location the user would like to install, and then click next. It then installs the package and outputs the status live in the output box. Though configuration you can set default paths and change the look of the installer. With scripting you can perform additional tasks during the actual install step (like if you need to chmod or rename a file). The installer automaticly checks if it can install to the directory the user specified, and if it can then it creates the necessary directory structure.


Here are some screenshots of the Atlantis Installer in action.



Atlantis Installer is packaged into an installer of the Installer. Consider it a self demo'ing package, lol. It will install all the self-contained stuff needed to configure it for your project.

You will need a valid PHP5 installation as well as GTK2 libraries, and the PHP-GTK2 module. The PGID3 site has a good page that explains how to do this easily. It sounds hard but it is not. Check it out. Chances are if you probably are already setup if you are developing PHP-GTK2 applications...

Installation Notes. This is a self contained package which does not extract into path format. That means, Linux Users, extracting to /usr would be counter productive. I suggest installing to a folder inside your project. An example being if I am working in '/home/bob/src/myproject', when it asks for an install location I would use '/home/bob/src/myproject/atlantis'. Same goes for Windows, if I am in 'C:\myproject' a good place to install would be 'C:\myproject\atlantis'.

Latest Release: Atlantis Installer v1.01.
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